Count Down to Spring - We are ALMOST there. 

 Are you in need of a mood lift?

Although the days are longer and the sun is warmer when it shines, the lingering of winter weather and the adjustment to the time change can be frustrating.

 Until the first day of spring, I will be sharing information about six different oils and the benefits of using them subtly to support the seasonal transition.

Subtle aromatherapy supports us emotionally and mentally by diffusing** the oil (6-10 drops in a diffuser) or applying a drop to a tissue** and inhaling from the tissue.

**Please use caution with pets, children and those with respiratory challenges when diffusing and safely dispose of tissue when no longer using**



Canarium luzanicum

Top Note – Middle Note

Citrusy, Spicy

Subtle Aromatic Benefits 

  • Use to incorporate good thoughts and positive thinking into your life.
  • Supports in times of change – helps one to maintain a sense of calm
  • Supports restful sleep
  • Beneficial for deepening the breath – supports meditation.
  • Great for stress-related conditions and nervous exhaustion.
  • ** not best to use in a diffuser as it is a resinous oil and could possibly congest diffuser, clean diffuser with rubbing alcohol if you choose to use Elemi in a diffuser.


    • Elemi has expectorant properties so diffusing will affect the respiratory system
    • If using topically blend with carrier oil at 1% dilution for topical use.
    • Can be phototoxic
    • Can cause irritation with some individuals, patch test.
    • DO NOT use if Pregnant or Nursing.
    • Essential Oils should never be ingested.