Cedarwood Atlas

Cedrus atlantica

Base Note

Earthy, woody; reminiscent of a forest

Subtle Aromatic Benefits

  • Grounding
  • Great for mental fatigue
  • Helps to reclaim your balance through nature
  • Calms nerves
  • Supports the reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Great for clearing physical spaces


  • If using topically blend with carrier oil at 2% dilution for topical use.
  • Can cause irritation with some individuals, patch test.
  • DO NOT use if Pregnant or Nursing.
  • Essential Oils should never be ingested.

Subtle aromatherapy supports us emotionally and mentally by diffusing** the oil (6-10 drops in a diffuser) or applying a drop to a tissue** and inhaling from the tissue.

**Please use caution with pets, children and those with respiratory challenges when diffusing and safely dispose of tissue when no longer using**