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Psychic Reading

The most important time of your life is NOW. An insightful psychic reading to bring awareness to what you need to know. Not dwelling in the past and not focused in the future or on fortune. How you think, feel and choose in the “NOW” determines your future experiences. I focus on bringing light to what you need to know to inspire and empower you to live YOUR NOW.

Duration: approximately
1hr – $80 (2 Hour maximum)

In Person or via Skype


An insightful reading infused with the loving support of the Archangels reminding you of their presence.

An aromatic synergy is blended into smelling salts to support what is brought to light in the reading.

The session is completed with and Angelic Energy Healing.

Duration: approximately
1hr – $80 (2 Hour maximum)
In Person Only

Integrated Aromatic Session™

Relax into your innate abilities of self-healing supported by an integrated approach of Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki. An Aromatic blend intuitively created and based on knowledge is used during the session with the remaining amount bottled to take home. Supporting what you need most NOW.

Your session begins with a botanical/mineral rich foot soak and foot cleans. A head to toe full body treatment starts with an aromatic facial and head massage with Reiki intuitively incorporated throughout the whole session. A full foot Reflexology treatment incorporates your Aromatic blend and your session closes with an application of Haelen Balm to lock in moisture and soothe tissues.
(You remain fully clothed during session)

Singular Session: $80 – 1 hour

Aroma Massage

After a brief review of what needs to be focused on a custom essential oil blend will be created to address needs, mind, body and spirit.

A deeply relaxing holistic massage based on the Micheline Arcier Massage Technique which focuses mainly on the autonomic nervous system as a whole and including as part of the same treatment, the head and body. A gentle process, with no place for harsh or abrupt movements. This technique has an instant regulating effect on the autonomic nervous system, neuromuscular elements, lymphatic drainage and acupressure.

Added benefits of warm botanical compresses and extra attention paid to reflex points further accentuate the session.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

  • Deeply relaxing
  • Re-establishes harmony and revitalizes.
  • Can help to release energy blocks by stimulating the nerves and relieving muscular aches
  • Stimulates lymph flow and blood circulation, which will in turn will speed up the elimination of toxic waste from the body

Singular Session: $80 – 1 hour


Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) means Universal life force energy in Japanese. The practitioner (energy worker) allows energy to pass through their body and directs the energy either directly on the client’s body or directly above using various hand positions. The client uses only the amount of energy necessary to re-establish a balanced flow of life force energy, which can enhance and or accelerate the body’s natural healing ability. Reiki is a safe, gentle, noninvasive form of hands-on healing. Reiki empowers you to help yourself and others anytime, anyplace, with healing energy through touch or at a distance. Reiki can help to maintain mental, physical, and emotional balance. Each Reiki session is unique and deeply relaxing. All will have a different experience during a session. Some will feel heat, tingling or maybe nothing at all, the energy is working even though we maybe not be aware of it. The energy has an intelligence of its own and knows where the healing energy has to go and what is needed. It never does any harm.

 Recipients of Reiki have reported to having experienced feeling the following:

  • Reflexology:
  • More balance
  • Less stressed
  • Sleep better
  • More energy
  • Less or no pain
  • General feeling of “well being”
  • Beneficial for all ages

Singular Session: $80 – 1 hour



Reflexology can be considered an archetypal form of healing work that has been practiced around the world by ancient peoples with no apparent contact, including in North America. Reflex points that correspond to body systems and parts are located on the feet and hands. By using pressure and gentle manipulation each point is worked which helps to encourage energy flow through the body as a whole. Working on these reflexes relaxes the body and mind which encourages the body to seek it’s own equilibrium.

Benefits expressed by those who have experienced Reflexology:

  • Deeply relaxing
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Revitalizes energy 
  • Balances the whole body
  • Pain reduction•Beneficial for all ages

Singular Session: $80 – 1 hour

Custom Blending

Bespoke Creations

Custom tailored blends begin with a 30 minute consultation to review your needs – mind, body, spirit. All aspects are taken into consideration and an essential oil synergy is then created and incorporated into your preferred method of delivery/base product which will be of most beneficial to your well BEing.

  • Balms
  • Butters
  • Bath Salts
  • Body Polishes
  • Body Serum
  • Anointing Serums
  • Essential Drops

Your finished product will be labeled and dated and you will receive an email with the ingredients, benefits and a description of how best to use your product.

$40 – 30 min. Aromatic Consultation
(Pricing of product is above consultation fee)


What They Say

"I love the time I spend with Maureen. It is less of a service and more of a connection. I go to check in with her a few times a year. I find that my appointment time flies by and I leave feeling amazing and with my bucket completely filled. Thank you, Maureen, for all you give me."

~J.B. - Strathroy, ON

"Thank you for the advice you gave me during the reading. I remember and use it every day. It made me realize I'm on the right path. Thanks again for your integrity and wisdom."

-J.P. - Holland, NL

"This year I decided to take better care of me. My regular visits to Maureen's studio help me to reset my emotional and physical energies. Her caring treatments, aromatic blends and serene setting always provide me with comfort & healing. The benefits of our time together are priceless... Maureen is the best!"

~K.M. - Petrolia ON

"Maureen is a rare gem. She has the innate ability to listen, deeply understand and provide a truly regenerative integrated session. She brings over 15 years of knowledge and practice in Aromatherapy, Reiki and Reflexology to the table to uniquely deliver "just what you need". I have been receiving monthly treatments from her for over 3 years and it is by far my favourite indulgement and an integral part of my self-care regime. I trust her completely and am so grateful for the positive changes she has brought into my life."

~T.D. - Strathroy, ON

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